BNCSPI Donates Computer to Bago Youth

BNSPI meeting

The Bago Youth Organization of Sagunto warmly express their big thanks to the national Board of Directors of the Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines for giving 1 set of computer to make the weekly newspaper of the said organization. thanks you very much for your support. may our God Almighty shower you more blessings in your everyday life.

The members of the Sagunto BNCSPI and Sagunto Bago Youth Organization warmly express their gratitude to all the National Board of Directors of BNCSPI for coming to our little but beautiful Barangay to impart knowledge, information, and a bunch of blessings. For that effort made by such special individuals, WE APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH!!!!

THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!! May our God shower u bounty and fruitful blessings!


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